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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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lightning flashes across the skyline as an intense october thunderstorm passes through the bay area dropping hail and rain in the south bay. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. let's get to sandhya patel with the radar. >> the activity has not died down. just saw lightning strike. you can see it in the east bay. i will take you in closer and show you where we are seeing isolated thunderstorm developing just northeast of kensing n to. you can see the strike right there. he just saw thunderstorms and we are seeing rain toward kensington and san pablo. you can see the cell is very
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close to that area, and it is really isolated. i want to loop this for you and show you what is happening. typically storms come in from the north and go south. this this instance, the area is off the coast and the moisture is wrapping its way back toward the west we are not done with the showers just yet. as you head out tomorrow morning, make sure you grab your umbrella and jacket or coat. it will be cooler. i will let you know when it will be safe to put the rain gear away. dan? >> thank you. breaking news in a 24-year-old child abduction case. hayward police are testing a bone found in one of the mass graves used by the man known as the speed freak killers. we will hear from the missing girl's mother. you may recall that she was kidnapped in 1988. she was nine years old at the time. on monday, hayward police told makayla's mother that one of the bones pulled from a mass gravesite could be hers. the gravesite was used by the
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speed freed killers. this is the first time the police have seemed this certain over the past two decades. >> i have shed plenty of tears the last few days with the idea that it could be her. i would like to have a resolution. if makayla died, then i want to know that. it just feels it might actually be. might be the answer. >> the bone in question is about three inches long. investigators september it along with the remains of another victim to that victim's family. they decided it just didn't match and had it tested at chico state. it turns out that bone likely is from a girl age five to 13 years of age. hayward police are now running dna tests to determine if it belonged to makayla. that's the question. they issued an apology for the mix up. hayward police are now testing the bone's dna to see if it matches makayla's mother. they have not said when the results will be back.
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the bone's age make it difficult to test. a major development in the stabbing death of a retired hercules teacher. tonya and darnell washington wanted for a violent west coast crime spree were found with co's car in seattle. leslie brinkley is in hercules for us. >> that's right. i have been following this, and with police finding the victim's stolen car in chicago -- i'm sorry in seattle, and the two suspects who drove it there are now in custody. they feel as though they have a significant break in this case. hercules detectives are in seattle to talk to tonya and darnell washington. >> they are not officially murder suspects. they are people of interest, particularly since they were in the stolen vehicle from the co homicide. >> the station wagon was stolen from susie co who was found stabbed to death in her
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entry last friday. officers noticed the blue car with stolen plates. there was a short pursuit. the suspects were surrounded by patrol cars as they tried to ram their way out and run over officers to escape. they were finally taken into custody at gun point. >> two extremely violent individuals who based on what we know have shown no these 10 see to commit violent crime. >> a sawed off shotgun was recovered from the car. 24r* was an escape on august 28th from the jail. five days later they are accused of shooting a sheriff deputy. in an exchange of gunfire they were wounded and escaped. on october 5th, susie co of hercules is found dead. and this morning the couple was arrested in her car near the seattle-tacoma airport. >> we know it is an on going investigation.
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we are so relieved for the first time a lot of progress has been made on my mother's case. we have been working tirelessly as well with the detectives and the fbi and everyone else involved in the internet community on spreading the news about the lost vehicle. >> reporter: the driveway is filled with candles and flowers and solemn condolences. as the police agencies across the west coast investigate. >> this is is a crime spree that could have continued. it was stopped through very, very good police, would. >> reporter: the couple is in jail tonight. police detectives are interviewing them, and hopefully by tomorrow they will be able to say what if any connection there is to the murder in hercules. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, there has been another arson fire in a west san jose neighborhood tonight. this cell phone video show a blaze in a trashcan in an alley. this is the 9th fire in
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two weeks. many homes are back on the alley where residents park their cars and throw out their trash. police are warning people to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. well, we want to turn to sports for a moment. isit was truly a magic night. >> the -- the a's pulled off a 9th inning rally. larry, wow. >> we have seen them do this all year long so we shouldn't be surprised. the a's are the 9th inning come back. game four their playoff series with detroit. the a's come back from a 3-1 deficit. the game winner to score seth smith. 4-3 athletics and leading to the ritual whipped cream pie in the face and the gatorade shower. the series is tied at two apiece and do sigh tiff game five tomorrow. fans are going bananas. >> i was really, really excited especially when cocoa hit the single and they won
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the game. it was amazing. it is the best team ever. i can't believe they won. it is amazing! >> they are all doing the bernie. we will hear whipped cream and all and don't forget the giants forced game five as well in their series. that's in sports. >> a fabulous day for bay area baseball. >> fantastic. >> see you shortly. a vacant building in san francisco's castro district drew an intense police response after protesters took it over. officers stormed the building to protest the housing shortage. john alston is live at castro and 18th where this wept down. john? >> carolyn, 20 people were arrested and they are standing by as workers make repairs while inside. they used to be a restaurant that was vacant for several years which is one of the reasons that protesters made it a target.
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they gave protesters less than an hour before they moved in themselves. officers surrounded the building on castro street near 18th while the protesters were taken into custody upstairs. demonstrators went through the doors about 6:00 p.m. and began hanging signs. >> it was once vacant, and it is now occupied. >> the demonstrators are with a group called homes, not jails. they were protesting a shortage of housing in san francisco. it started with a march from dolores park as part of the world homeless action day. their target was an empty building storefront and second floor apartment owned by a castro man. >> we have tons of buildings and we could be housing people. people need housing. they don't need empty buildings sitting here. >> not everyone well comed the protest. >> i understand the message, but it is not their property.
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for them to break into it and occupy it is illegal and unconstitutional. >> police arrested about 20 of the protesters. possible charges include burglary, trespassing and vandalism. >> police say the protesters broke doors and sheet rock causing thousands of dollars in damage. abc7 news. >> john, thank you. before you hit the buy button on injure next on-line purchase. michael finney is here with a tip that could save us some money. >> we have all been there. just as you are about to click on buy, up next, a little hesitation can earn you a hefty discount. and more on our weird weather. sandhya patel will be here with the forecast. and later on "night lynn." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline" michelle obama will tell about her life on the campaign trail as the president tells diane sawyer what he says happened at last week's debate. plus, we are sky high with the
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first female pilot to lead a
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when negotiating to buy something, one of the best techniques is to walk away. many times the seller will follow you offering a lower price. >> as it turns out walking away is as good a bargaining technique as it is in person when you are on-line shopping and michael finney is here. >> that's the key right there. this all started when i noticed that i would decide against an on-line purchase and hear from the on-line retailer offering me a better price. could i depend upon it? there was only one way to find out. >> the sound of seven on your side inturns hard at work. i asked noel garcia to go shopping, so they visit the websites of on-line retailers, picking out items and putting them in the cart and going out the checkout process almost. you see, right at the end,
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just before clicking the buy button they abandon the cart. >> signing up, backing out and then waiting for the e-mail. >> the e-mail offering a discount. we want to know if playing hard to get gets us a better deal. >> you get an e-mail saying thank you for signing up. and sometimes the company would say keep us posted if you want to purchase anything or here is a cow upon for the next time you visit us. >> secret sale $5 off, 10% off, 25% off. all for walking away jay -- -- - this is like dealing with the dealership. he runs to the edge of the lot and brings you back. >> that is the ceo of extra, an on-line shopping site that keeps track of deals and gives kickbacks to its customers.
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>> you can take what feels natural and you have a winning recipe. >> not all retailers run to the edge of the lot, but many do and ross kramer helps them. he is the ceo of list an e-mail marketing p c. amazon has been keeping in contact for years. >> if we can trigger based upon actions they are taking on a website and add value to their user experience and enhanced user experience, it is not only a win for the retailer, bought win for the consumer. >> reporter: which brings us back to our interns. >> it is surprising that even hours after that they would send you an e-mail offering 20% off. i wouldn't do this because i don't have the time to do this. >> if you do have the time, it is worth a shot. i used it a couple times to my advantage and a couple of times it is like hearing
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crickets. >> if you have the time, why not let it sit there for a little bit? we have seen some wild weather. >> getting hail is not unheard of, but it is unusual. you can really see this pea-sized hail cover just about everything. >> remarkable stuff. sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> as we check out doppler 7hd it is far from over. you can take a look for yourself. we are getting the moisture from the central valley and wrapping up toward the west. we have had reports of lightning strikes and strikes around fairfield and vacaville and even some strikes right around the east bay. 14 tweets and huge thunder uh rine do. they are confirming small hail around contra costa county. we are still seeing some
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moisture moving through. i want to take you in closer here. highway one we are getting moderate rainfall. a very light return in san francisco as we take you down to street level. lincoln boulevard and great highway and daly city. you can see some light returns. rainfall was anything but light. there was a severe thunderstorm move through, and if you were there, there was .71 of an inch of rainment they were under a severe thunderstorm warning earlier. san jose .09. mountain view, .1200. 1k3 there is just a sampling of the rain we received. this was sent by knee co tone. here is another one. gilroy hail. this guy is checking out the
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action. temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. i want to show you our forecast. scattered showers overnight and could still see isolated thunder. cooler weather for your thursday afternoon and a chance of showers returning to the north bay. still could be slick streets. give yourself some extra time. you will need a coat or jacket. here is the satellite and radar. this is 9 low pressure that is bringing moisture back up. that's why we are continuing to see weather developing with the moisture coming back around. as it moves south and eventually the low moves into southern california we will see clouds and sprinkles for your thursday and friday. as we head into your saturday morning this cold front may bring in some early showers on saturday. but it will be early morning if we get anything. tomorrow afternoon upper 50s to the low 70s. it will be a cooler day. partly to mostly cloudy for the afternoon.
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the morning will feature a few early showers. and around the monterey bay, 65 in santa cruz. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, after the early morning drop we are going for a few sprinkles for thursday and friday. a warmer pattern, but a chance of showers in the north bay on saturday morning. then notice the second half of the weekend is dry. mid80s by wednesday up ander 60s coast. mike will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people want the chance. they have all entered through our facebook page. the winner will be announced after the 49ers game. you can enter. go to news. click on the win $49,000. that will take you to the forum where you can enter your details. somebody is going to win. >> absolutely. some celebrities got
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soaked in san francisco. >> and others chose to help a worthy cause by
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san francisco's pool toss celebrated the 20th anniversary tonight. >> cheryl jennings hemmed to emcee this wet and wild event for the tenderloin neighborhood corporation. plenty went into the drink all for a good cause. >> they raised over $3.5 million for youth and the family programs in the tenderloin since it started 20 years ago. >> really funny vent. >> have we seen cheryl? >> she hasn't gone yet. >> i think it might be time. >> for the right donation she is jumping in. >> i am writing a check. >> the giants and the a's come back to force game five. a's in dramatic fashion. bottom of the 9th, we will hear from the hero cocoa crisp next in sports.
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good evening. it was win or go home. the a's were three outs from going home when they staged a dramatic three-run rally to bet de stroit in the bottom of the 9th. game five tomorrow. everybody is doing the birdie. then in the fourth the tigers, well they did the prince. prince fielder. wow. 419 feet and a bomb off the tigers. detroit goes up 3-1 and the a's get a single and smith brings both home with a double. 3-3 setting the table for cocoa. base hit to right. garcia comes up throwing and no! the ball goes under his glove. good night, game over, drive home safely as smith scores. pandemonium ensues. pie in the face. you knew it was coming. the gatorade bath from brett
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anderson. we go now live to the coliseum and mike shumann. shu? >> well, larry, lightning struck out here with the amazing a's. their 45th come from behind victory. their 15th walkoff victory. >> smitty sitting next to me, huge hit. was able to give me the unit to come up there and do something magical. we have been battling every year. these walkoffs have been the mo this year. >> the amazing a's pulled it off bottom of 9. how did it feel? >> it feels great. it is what you dream of. everybody wants to be in the situation. >> it has been a special season for us. we don't want to stop. we will keep battling and grinding until they tell us we have to go home. >> it is 45 come from behind wins. >> we heard a lot of people to say we are not smart enough to know when to lose a game.
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>> well, it could a historic day tomorrow. the giants and the a's both in game five as we inch closer to another bay bridge series. i will be out here tomorrow again reporting live from the coliseum. mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> it is so much fun. a great story. game five tomorrow night. first pitch at 6:37 p.m. the starting pitchers rookie jarod parker for oakland and justin verlander. 23r* down two games to none, the offense dead on arrival the giants exploded in cinncinati to even their series. coming into game four the giants scored only four runs in three games. pagan starts this one off with a bang. a leadoff homer. 1-0. giants. barry zito lasted two and two thirds so hue he goes to timlin -- so he goes to sim lynn succumb. tim was terrific. he allowed just one run. they smack three homers homers homers homers and panda power right here.
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the giants win it 8-3. that series is now tied at two games apiece. the giants force game five tomorrow. the winner take all. and that game will starts at 10:07 a.m. pacific time. and matt cane against matt latos. it is breakfast with the giants tomorrow morning at 10:00. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. it is amazing what's going on here. >> it is so exciting. >> whether you root for the giants or the a's it is fun on both sides of the bay. and the move to put tim lincecum in the bull pen, boy, did it pay dividends for bruce bochy. he knows what he is doing. we question sometimes. >> i know he is looking like a genius right now. thanks, larry. >> remember that old song "stayin alive"? >> yes. thanks for joining us, everyone. >> we appreciate your time. see you tomorrow.
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